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Name Numerology

Ever wondered, why do we have carry the name we have?

Is it that our parents or grandparents have given us our name?

The answer is “NO”

You have attracted your own name through your sub conscious mind.Important link

So, if it is in alignment with your birth energies, you get all you want in all aspects of your life.

But, if your name do not match your birth energies, your life has many ups and downs as per the numbers in your life and you struggle for success in that particular area, where your numbers have a problem.

At our centre, we do analysis of your name using name numerology calendar particularly chaldean chart and depict the problematic area in your life.

We not only analyse the defect in your name, but also rectify it according to your birth number, so that you can have a easy life with loads of abundance in health, wealth career and relationships.